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Hexagon Pearl


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White pearl and hexagon earrings in 925 silver or gold plated 925 silver.

HEXAGON jewelry – Look at nature and you find that hexagon is one of the principal governing patterns. It is also at the core of mankind as well – it is found in the structure of our DNA.

It is the sacred geometry formed by interlocking of two triangles – the upward pointing triangle of male energy and downward pointing triangle of female energy. When these opposing forces come together creation is formed.

Therefor this symbol represents all of the potential for life.

It has been part of many spiritual drawings – such as the Star of David, Tree of Life in Kabbalah and the Hagal Rune in ancient Nordic belief systems.

It is believed that wearing this symbol will bring harmony and balance.

Pearls symbolize purity, innocence, honesty, wisdom and integrity – all the best within us. Pearls help to advance wisdom and stimulate your femininity together with self acceptance.

All our jewellery comes gift wrapped in our signature black box!





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