SOUL SONG Necklace

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Responsibly made 3D printed ethical 925 silver or gold covered silver necklace.

The length of the necklace is 49 cm, thats about 19.29 Inches. The length of the pendant is 2.5 cm.

I believe that we ALL have a unique Soul Song…maybe it is with words, maybe it is humming or murmuring, maybe it is specific sounds or a whistle or a whisper…but it is imprinted into our Sacred Heart Space. When we find it and sing and share it with All Life Everywhere, then this incredibly powerful vibration will be Your purest co-creation with the Universe.

My wish is that EVERYONE would find their Soul Song and that they would share their unique vibration whenever they feel called for. There is a VORTEX on the pendant. I sense Soul Song as a vibration that starts from our hearts (the space where we are connected to All Life Everywhere) and as we share this powerful vibration, it starts to grow like a vortex. Becoming more and more powerful, creating again and again.

All pendants are 3D printed in Estonia from recycled silver (or vermeil) – good for you and better for our planet!

It comes gift wrapped in a black box with our logo – perfect gift for yourself or someone special!





925 silver rolo chain (1.2×1.2mm), 925 silver satellite ball chain (1.4x1mm), Gold filled rolo chain (1.2×1.2mm), Gold filled satellite ball chain (1.4x1mm)

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