Flower Water



This Flower Water is pure bliss in a chic black bottle!
All the flowers have been handpicked by Siiri Salvikoda and made into this magical potion!
100% from Nature
0% nasty chemicals

Südames/ In Your Heart is made from Meadowsweet. This mist will have a calming and centering effect on you! Bringing you back into your Heart center, helping to balance and calm.

Elujõud/ Life Force is made from Yarrow. It has a strengthening and energizing effect on you. I used it always during travel or just super long and strenuous day. Just a few spritz and I feel fresher, more awake and ready to take on the world again.

Armastus/Love is made from Primula flowers. The essence of these flowers is sweetness and harmony. The mist will calm you, help you feel safe and loved. This one I often use on my kids, when they get a little needy and tired. But works equally well on me also ???? We all could use a little extra love sometimes.

All of these Flower Waters come in a perfect purse or pocket size black glass bottle! Grab one for yourself or gift to someone that could use a little extra boost during the busy Holiday season!

Flower Water